Thursday, November 10, 2005

The little dog laughed

Kim Sue and I had a good day. We aired up some of the tires on the bus but my little compressor begged for mercy because getting 105 psi out it is just about beyond its capabilities. Kimmee and I went to Sam`s to buy air hose and fittings so I could use the air compressor on the bus but Sam`s didn`t have what we needed. So I went to Wallies, and got just what was needed and Kim Sue patiently waited for me on this nice day. Temperature was around 55 degrees and just right for taking a nap in the car while dad shops.
We took our daily two and a half mile spin around the block and met a new neighbor. I asked him to go to church with us and maybe he will bite. Mom called his wife and they chit chatted and I`ll ask the preacher to visit them next week. They have attended the big Methodist Church here in town a time or two. Bill, the new acquantance commented on what a well behaved dog I had and the buttons were about to pop like they did in the comic strip "Smilin Jack" way back when, but ya`all are too young to know about that character.
Kim Sue is a goodgirl to walk. She follows the white line at the edge of the road and is only distracted by bugs and other dogs. The bugs will soon be gone and there are only a few other dogs we know. After we have our supper, and after dark I bring her inside for a little play time before she goes to bed. She gets a few treats for going to bed and then she laughs for having made our life a little lighter and hers happier. Our kids never asked for a dog when they were little but I`m sure glad we have one now.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Changing the oil

Went to WalMart last week to get the oil changed in the Saturn. We have been following their agreement for oil change and tire rotation since we moved here a long time ago. It was early morn and no one was ahead of me so it seemed like 45 minutes and I`d be outta dere. No such luck. The PA system says Mr. Wells and I knew I had been tooked. Sorry we don`t stock your filter anymore. Whaduyamean I ask? You`ve changed the oil and filter in this car for ten times now and your tellin` me you no longer stock the required filter. "Yup" Go to Auto Zone and buy a filter and we will install it for you and give you credit. I buy the filter for about $7.50 and come back to Wallies. They do their thing and on paying them I find they have given me $1.88 for the filter I paid the above amount for. I had expected they would credit me for there sale price of a similar filter. Not Wally. He buys 3 million of them at a time and pays $1.88. Surely I should be able to go out and buy one on the street for a $1.88. Grrrr! Git me a manager. Sorry Mr. Wells, he is out to lunch. Would you talk to his assistant. More Grrrs!. Mr. Wells we are sorry but Mr. Ass`t Mgr. is out in the parking lot helping a little old lady retired school teacher get her car started. But he will be in the store in just a minute or two. 15 minutes or so later here he comes. Can I help you Mr. Wells with your problem. Grr. I don`h have a problem but you do. Your auto maintenance business is in shambles..More Grrs. Last time I was in here to get the oil changed in my Saturn you didn`t have the wrench to removed the drain plug. I went to NAPA and bought the wrench and gave it to WalMart. Then I gave him the above story. Mr. Wells, I know you are upset but we at the local store cannot help you with the filter problem. The corporate office sends us all the filters they want us to install and those that there is a marginal market for, they no longer furnish to the local stores. They used to have a "customer preference" policy and if they sold a few items in a small area they would provide exceptions to the corporate supply but they have quit that policy. Okay, Mr. Ass`t Mgr., you have tried to help me and I know you don`t make corporate policy, but my oil will change to carbon dust before I come back to Wallies for service work.
So I come home and change the oil in the Cat engine in our motorhome, all 24 quarts of it including the two that you put in the filter before installing it. And I smile all the while. No arguments. No promises. No excuses. dJust oily.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Never Anonymous Again

I am brainwashed and down trodden because two of our three daughters are complaining that I do not comment on their blogs. Well, folks to tell it like it is, I could not comment anonymously so I chose not to comment at all. And now all I can do is ask for forgiveness and comment with a new name, title and address. I wonder how long it will take for the kids to find me.

Today was a very nice day. I went to town to fill up the bus with propane as we are planning to go north for Thanksgiving at Turkey time. And then I came home and drained the oil from the bus in preparation for a filter change and a refill. I took the Saturn in to WalMart for tire roatation and balance, oil change and filter. This is the last trip to Wal Mart for vehicle lub. Last week they didn`t have the filter so I bought one and asked them to install it. The gave me $1.88 credit for a $7.50 filter. They couldn`t find the paper work when I went to pick up the car and that involved about a twenty minute wait. Last time they didn`t have a wrench for the drain plug and I bought one and gave it to WalMart.

So the weather is beautiful and Momma loves me, so what more does an old man need.